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Classified Center Stage - OUTBACK (Tiger Force)

  CLASSIFIED CENTER STAGE - OUTBACK -     Stuart R. Selkirk, aka Outback, joined the G.I. Joe Team in 1987.  He serves the Team as their Survival Training Specialist .  He enjoys getting out in the wilderness, far from civilization and the regular distractions of life and living off the land.  He believes that your have to work with the environment, not against it, to survive.       In his years on the G.I. Joe Team, he has helped train several new recruits and has been a part of multiple missions and operations .  Outback is a versatile individual and he has signed on to serve in several of the various Joe sub-teams including Tiger Force, Night Force and the Eco-Warriors.  Outback explores Brown County, Indiana...     Classified Outback here, is in his Tiger Force uniform.  This was an unorthodox move as not only did  Hasbro release this version BEFORE the standard outfit, but also the original Tiger Force Outback was a European Exclusive back in the day!  So, it goes without sayin

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