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SCC Figure Spotlight - LIFELINE (Version 1)

 - - - - - RESCUE TROOPER - LIFELINE  (version 1)     The year 1986 brought us Series 5 of the G.I. Joe toy-line.  With 5 years of figures/characters building up in the Joe Universe , the original Joe Medic - Doc , is going to need some help patching up the troops after the action heats up.  So the Joes brought in the Rescue Trooper - Lifeline .     Lifeline's file card tells that he worked with the Seattle Fire Department for 5 years as a paramedic.  He switched and joined the army when he found out that Emergency Medical Service personnel who were disabled administering aid while off-duty, weren't eligible for pensions.  To Lifeline, anyone in rescue personnel were always on-duty.  Eventually, he made his way to the G.I. Joe Team.     Lifeline's uniform was bright red with multiple white pouches and pockets on it.  He wore a matching red and white helmet and had green glasses (Doc also had green glasses???).  Some noteworthy details on his uniform include the white larg

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